“Progress” Social Research Public Union was founded in January 29, 1999 with the initiative of the young activists who previously worked at the different International NGOs. The basic initiative was to continue the activity of the INGOs after their departure from Azerbaijan. The main purpose of the organization was to give an educational, economical and social support to the IDPs & Refugees, HIV/AIDS, vulnerable groups, and local population in order to achieve the sustainable development.
Since then “Progress” Public Union worked hardly to achieve the goal it had
set froth. However, it had the problem with the state registration. At last, it was registered in 29 May 2007. Registration number is: 1107-Q18-2385


“Progress” Public Union strives to increase the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS, developing local communities through local democracy, agricultural, economic development and fighting for gender equity. 






EC Partnership
"Progress" has applied for EC grants on agricultural development through revoving funds. If it is successful, is going to make a considerable positive change in this field.

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